Part Upgrades

Find what parts have been modified and improved.

June 1st 2017: New 3646 & 6152 3 Piece Dials added 

April 20th 2017: 3646 & Cali Pins improved (New EDM procedure)

March 2017: All Crown Guards now available fully assembled

March 2017: Crown Guard Centre Pin enlarged and better shaped

March 2017: New Engraved Crown Guards with Brev Ital

March 2017: New Flux and fine solder for 3646 added

Feb 2017: 3646 and Cali Case Lug Holes not drilled through the case

Feb 2017: 3646 Lug Bar Shape neater shaped formed on a jig

Feb 2017: 3646 Case Back Bezel & Holder better threads & finishing

Feb 2017: Cali Case Back Bezel & Holder better threads and finishing

Jan 2017: 3646 Tall Bezel Type D Case Symmetrical



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  1. admin

    Fist Dial batch will be the 37mm MM dial and the LP with sub dial

  2. admin

    Symmetrical 3646 Case currently out of stock as of the 1st April 2017. New stock due at the end of the month

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