Scheduled Work

Whats New and when will it be available? This section shows the new items that are planned and also the secluded dates they will be available.

Summer 2017: New 6152 Case Project (scheduled for mid to late summer)
April 2017: 3 Piece Dial anodizing and surfacing improved (scheduled for April)
April 2017: 3 Piece Dial Fonts/Indices/ and sizes will be changed to be more accurate
April 2017:  3 Piece 37mm Dial 3646  New Resin Dial scheduled late April 2017
April 2017: 3 Piece 37mm 6152 New Resin Dial scheduled late April/May 2017
April 2017: 3 Piece Dial Inner Mid Section Plexi (accurate) April 2017
April 2017: New 2 Piece Bezel upgrade scheduled April 2017


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  1. admin

    New 6152 3D prototype due in early April 2017

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