6152 How to build stage 1

Important: Before we start it important to understand that the 6152 Case is very close to the shape we want to achieve. Therefore you should only be taking small amounts of metal off the case. NEVER take large amounts of metal from an area.

Why shape the case? This is how the authentic Panerai 6152 Cases were made back in the early 1950's in fact some of the worlds most expensive watches are still finished this way today, its called Hand Finishing. The machinery used back in the 1940/50's produced a 6152 Case but in order to completely finished the watch case a small team of "finishers" would shape some of the sharp edges and then polish the case. This made the case a little more comfortable to wear and also nicer to look at.

Getting Started: The red arrows opposite show the areas I will be targeting. These areas do not require a lot of metal removing so be careful. Take your time and remember, its better to take off less metal and correct it later than it is to take off too much metal.

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