Lets Start by asking a few simple questions. Do you want to build a 3646 Type Watch or do you want to build the California Dial watch? Its worth considering the best route to take as I will explain in more detail below

3646: Lets start with the 3646 Case, this uses the thick (2mm) dial, normal hands and a standard Cannon Pinion are usually too short. So the first thing you may wish to consider is, are you going to use Tall Tube Hands (about $30) or are you going to have your Cannon Pinion Converted by a specialist watchsmith. If this sounds complicated then don't worry, Tall Tube Hands are quick, simple and work fine. However, they are only available in Gold (not Blue) so if you want to use Blue you may have to have your Cannon Pinion Converted. Watchsmith's usually charge around $100 to do this work.

California Dial: Alternatively by building a California Dial watch you do not need Tall Tube Hands, standard hands are fine, theres no need to convert your Cannon Pinion either.

So which Case? You have two choices, either build, shape and solder the case yourself (DIY) or buy a ready made case. The DIY is much cheaper (around $150-$180). The completed cases cost around $450 so there is a considerable saving to be made by doing the work yourself.

How to build the Case myself? The best way is to follow the images in the link on the right hand side of this page, look for, "How to Build the 3646" or CLICK HERE. This link will show you Step by Step images.




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