Swivel Seats

Its time to add swivel seating as this can be a great addition to any van as it allows the front two seats to be used as interior seating.

Why Change the Seat Bases? You dont need to change the supports the seats are fitted to, you can use the bases that came with the van. However, if you do your original seats will be 40mm higher. Some people use the seat adjusters to lower the seats as far as they will go but if you try this on a Peugeot boxer (Fiat Ducato and Citroen Relay) you may find they dont go low enough. I tried it and I didnt like it, therefore I ordered specially made seat bases or supports that are made 40mm lower than the factory versions. This means that when you fit the swivel unit (which is about 40mm high) the seats remain at the same height as when the van came out of the factory.

Below: You can see the Swivel Plates and also the new 40mm Lowered Seat supports

Warning: make sure the ignition is switched off before unplugging the seat electrics (plug), otherwise you may trigger the “seat belt tensioner”.

Offset Swivel Seats: When you swivel the seats to the 180 degrees specified the seats become more central to the vehicle which gives you effectively more clearance to furniture fitted to the side of the interior. A nice feature as it moves the seat closer to the dining table. These are Sportscraft TUV approved swivels (made in Germany)

Lowered Seat Bases & Swivel Seats:

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