Flux Converter Part 3

The van is about to get its first 240 volts Mains Hook Up Power. The consumer unit is being wired using Blue Artic Cable.

Below: The first bank of 240 cables are added, the second bank will be used later

Below: This is the remote switch to control the Victron Inverter. Because the inverter will be housed in a box under the drivers seat then I dont need to go under the seat to turn it on or off. I can simply flick this easy to access switch.

Below: some of the 12 volt cabling has been installed and the CBE 12 volts power control unit has been added. This unit also has a split charge relay (it is able to use the engine to charge the leisure batteries). However, I will show how to by-pass or remove this function from the circuit board later as I plan to use a more sophisticated battery to battery charger.

Below: The two large Black Cables are as follows, a feed from the Vehicle battery and a feed from the Leisure batteries. The extra terminal to the right that doesn’t have a cable yet is for the CBE 240 volt Mains Battery Charger (16 amp output).

Below: The top block with connector (coloured wires) is for the LCD Display panel. The empty white block underneath is for the Commons (negative cables).