Electrics (Completed)

If you have jumped to this page and haven’t seen the various stages of installing the electrics and would like to see them, then follow the menu “Flux Converter” Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The Electrics are now installed and I have added some polished aluminium plates to the area around the Flux Converter Box which I made from a sheet of aluminium.

Everything is working fine. The engine provides charging power via the 60 amp Sterling Battery to Battery Charger and the Solar provides constant power from the roof on a sunny day. If the batteries are full and I switch on an application, then I have a very good monitor called the Juntek VAT 1100 that shows me the power being consumed. Its works via a Shunt on the negative battery terminals and measures the power being used (as well as other things). The Juntek is not expensive to buy (around $30) and its fantastic value for money, its also has a very good rating (google for yourselves).

With full batteries the intelligent Victron MPPT Solor controller knows when the batteries are full. As soon as I switch on an application which starts to consume energy from the battery then the Victron Solar Controller detects this and increases the watt/amps to compensate for the power being consumed. I need a sunny day of course but basically the system knows when power is being taken from the batteries and immediately replaces it via the solar panel.