Removing the CBE Split Charge Relay.

What does this mean? The CBE Control unit has a built-in Split Charge Rely or Voltage Sensitive Relay. In short this takes power from the vehicle alternator and sends it to the Leisure battery. Nowadays there are more sophisticated chargers, like the Sterling Battery to Battery charger and its this type of charger that I want to use on my camper van. The Sterling Battery to Battery Charger is designed to operate with all types of batteries, it works well with the Euro 5/6 Engines which deliver high voltages when the vehicle de-accelerates (when you take your foot off the gas peddle). Most chargers of this type deliver up to 30 amp of charge, Sterling also make this type. However, the the type I am fitting can deliver up to a 60 amp charge without causing any damage to the battery.

First I need to bypass or stop the CBE Voltage Sensitive Relay from working.

Look for the resistor marked R37 this is the resistor you need to disconnect. Its quite simple to do.

Below: take a sharp set of wire cutters (I bought a new pair just for this task) and cut through R37. Be careful NOT to cut into the circuitboard.

Below: look carefully and you can see R37 is now disabled (or disconnected).

Below: a better view of the disabled resistor.

Below: I have added a small section of Heat Shrink, I plan to insulate the end of this resistor so it can never make any kind of connection (just to be safe).

Below: adding some heat from a Hot Air Gun.

Below: The task is completed. Its worth pointing out that whilst the CBE will not charge the batteries via the Voltage Sensitive Relay (now disconnected) the LED Display Monitor will still show the Battery Levels and the Mains Charger will still work and display as normal. All other functions will be displayed and work as normal.