Sound Proofing

Before you start to add an insulation, its a good idea to add some sound proof sheets. These sheets are quite heavy and consist of a tar like substance with an outer foil layer. They are self adhesive and once applied to the walls of the vehicle they are not easy to remove so make sure you know where you want to place them.

Sound proof panels need to be added to the walls, roof, doors in fact anywhere were there is a panel.

The panels are very affective, simply knock or tap on a panel without the sound proofing then do the same after the pad has been applied and notice the difference.

Adding these panels will make the vehicle less noisy on the road, its well worth doing and very affective.

Heavy Duty Premium Butyl Clarity Acoustics Sound Deadening – Silver – Pack of 10 Sheets – Size: 300mm x 400mm – Thickness: 2.5mm

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