Flux Converter Part 1

What is a Flux Converter? in truth I dont know, its a fictitious appliance from the movie Back to the Future. I thought it appropriate I call the electrical system on the van the Flux Converter, this unit powers the internal vehicle which in a “round about way” is used to transport us to a different location. It would be nice if I could set a date into the future but I cant, well not at the moment.

Where to put the electrics and batteries? Lets start with the batteries, the best location would be to have them as close to the vehicle’s starter battery as possible. Often in many camper-vans the electrics and batteries are stored in the rear of the vehicle and this means a long run of wire and in some cases a “voltage drop“, in other words its better to have a shorter cable than it is to have a longer cable even if its thicker (although its not essential).

Location: One place I considered was to have the electrics under the internal seats (just behind the drivers seat) this meant a shorter distance to the Vehicle Battery (starter battery). Although I did decide on this option there wasn’t enough room to house all the electrics as well as two large batteries under the twin seats.

Why hide the Electrics, why not make them easily accessible? I like this idea so long it could be presented neatly it would give really easy access. For example if I wanted to turn off any part of the electrical system then this could be made as easy as opening a small door and flicking a switch. Also they could be made to look a little “pretty” although I am not sure if pretty is the right word.

I decided to house some of the electrics in a cabinet with a glass door

Electrical Display Cabinet: The top section will house the 12 volt electrics and the bottom section will house 240 volts. Never shall the two meet, these sections will have a divider