Adding Roof Vents and Solar

The first task was to add the Maxxair Fan (an automated electric roof fan), a second roof vent and finally a Solar Panel.

Start by marking the area to cut and protect the inside of the vehicle from the metal filings. The hole was cut using a jigsaw, its fairly easy and quick to do.

Below: A wood frame was made, this was so the vent had somewhere it could be secured to, it also allows for a gap between the metal roof, insulation and internal roof lining.

The underside wood frame was bonded to the roof using Sikaflex 512

Maxxair Fan: High powered ceiling fans are easy to operate with convenient controls at the ceiling or by remote control. When the lid is closed, the MAXXFAN will still operate to circulate air inside the vehicle. The MAXXFAN Deluxe features a built-in rain shield eliminating the need for any additional covers.

Below: The Maxxair fan is installed and the rear vent has been cut. The twin vents allows air flow through the vehicle. The Maxxair fan can be reversed so that it draws air inside the vehicle or sucks air out by changing the direction of the fan blades (switch). The fan is controlled by a remote or manual button switch. The location of the Maxxair fan at the front of the vehicle is so that it is not directly above the bed and thus is quieter when sleeping. The fan is already fairly quiet so hopefully I can increase the speed and still get a good nights sleep. The Maxxair has numerous speed settings and the maximum setting is pretty powerful.

Below: Early evening on a winters day, but at least it stayed dry. Both vents are heavily sealed with Sikaflex 512. Tomorrow I will add the Solar Panel.

Below: The SHARP 300 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel is bolted to the roof using aluminium brackets. Some people bond the brackets using sikaflex 512 with success. However, for piece of mind I feel a lot more comfortable knowing the panel is bolted in place. The cables are fed into the roof and will later connect to a Victron MPPT 100 – 30 (30 amp) Charge controller.

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