Building the Kitchen Part 1

Three in one. Its time to add the Kitchen, with Compressor Refrigerator, Sink and the Webasto Diesel Cooker. The Webasto Cooker build and assembly is shown in a separate category.

Below: I have started by building the base and making sure its level. Before I can add the kitchen unit I need to make sure I have fitted the heating ducts, cables and fuel line for the diesel cooker. I also plan to have a foot recess around the base of the kitchen unit, this is common on kitchen units, its so that when you stand against them you dont need to lean forward, your feet go slightly under the unit, it will be shown later below.

Below: I have started to cut some of the panels.

How to get the doors flush mounted. There are two ways (A) make a simple jig and router with a 8mm cutting tool, this will form the hole and also the door at the same time. I didnt want to make all these jigs so below I have marked out the area (B) and I will cut each section carefully whilst trying to save the off-cut as the door. Try to keep the main panel as perfect as possible, if you mess up then make sure its the door because you can always make a door from some scrap wood.

Below: I am building a sliding drawer for knifes, forks and spoons.

Below: Dont forget 8mm will give you a nice fit. I am about to test it with T Trim on the unit and on the drawer. Throughout this build I have mixed two colours of T Trim, Black for the main panel and grey for the doors.

Below: This is were your draw needs to be dead centre, fit the drawer front last as you can adjust the fit.

Below: The cutout for the compressor fridge is made. I plan to use a 12v compressor fridge without gas and without 240 volts. The fridge frame is being fitted below.

Below: recessed kick board, this is where your feet go when you stand at the kitchen. I will add an under counter light strip later.

Below: Another light strip this one is situated at the front of the kitchen unit so that it faces outside the vehicle. There is a switch so you can turn this light on at night time when you get in the vehicle.

Below: The Diesel Cooker exhaust Pipe is fitted. Cables for the Refridgerator and Cooker are fitted. A separate mini fuse box is fitted. Most wires are not connected at this stage.

Below: Testing the fit of the refrigerator. There needs to be adequate space for airflow, space is tight.