How to install a reversing camera

The tiles says Peugeot Boxer but the instructions are the same for the Fiat Ducato and Citroen Relay. The van below is a 2016 model, I cannot say if these instructions apply to other Peugeot/Fiat/Citroen vehicles.

One of the first jobs I did on the van was to fit the reversing camera. I’ve had it for almost a year now and its been one of the best buys I made for the vehicle, I wouldn’t be without it. Kits are available on EBay and Amazon and a full kit will cost you about £70 today. Links where to buy are at the bottom of this page.

How to install: Its fairly easy to install the camera/rear light. All thats required is that you remove the original Peugeot Boxer, Fiat Ducato or Citroen Relay reversing light and replace with the one shown above. The sizes are the same and the screw holes line up perfectly.

Decide were you want to position the monitor, you could wire directly into the Peugeot Dashboard Screen. However, I decided to use the monitor that came with the kit instead and fitted it were the rear view mirror is located on the windscreen.

Below: Its time to locate your reversing light wire. You will find easy access by removing the small panel at the rear of your vehicle to gain access to your rear display light cluster. There are two large thumb screws, unscrew them and the rear cluster will come off.

Once you remove the rear light cluster you can easily unplug the Cable Plug directly behind the reversing light. You may not need to remove the entire cluster but I found it easier to do it this way and less fiddly. On the 2016 Peugeot Boxer (I also believe the Fiat Ducato and Citroen Relay) the Reversing Light Wire is Green and Light Grey (or Grey with a Green stripe), its also a thicker wire than the rest. Mine was right at the bottom or the plug I had to turn the plug upside down to find it. See below

On my Peugeot Boxer I decided to take a live feed (12volts) from the middle interior light (I didn’t plan to use the light and later removed it).

Note the Red Arrow below this is the wiring loom to the rear (ignore the smaller loom above I have added that). Open the conduit and look for the Green & Light Grey Wire (Light Grey with Green Stripe). There are a lot of wires dig deep it may be buried among them. Carefully remove some of the outer plastic on the wire, dont cut the copper wire.

Next, go to your Reversing Camera kit and look for the Green Wire. The Green Wire connects to the Green & Grey Reversing Wire on your vehicle. I soldered mine to make a strong connection. I did this by separating some of the copper braids on the Green and Grey wire and hooking the green camera cable to them, then coating with solder. Connect the Red Wire to a permanent live (I used the middle interior lamp) and the Black to earth (negative).

Now its time to turn on the ignition (you dont need to start the engine) and put it into reverse. As soon as reverse is engaged you should see your camera display. The displays on these kits are excellent, the quality is good both in day and night.

Peugeot Boxer – Fiat Ducato – Citroen Relay Rear Brake Light Reversing Camera Kit on EBay. The kit comes complete with ample cable.