Raised Floor and Vinyl Floor

In order that the Internal seats are at the same height as the two front seats (drivers and passenger) it was necessary to raise a section of the floor. The Van came equipped with a double front passenger seat. This was removed and replaced with a single seat. The double seat was then added inside the van around the table (table to be fitted). The choice is A) make the double seat taller or B) raise the floor the double passenger seat sits on. I chose option B and raised the floor. This idea appeals to me as it also allows the opportunity for some under floor storage.

Floor Covering: There are many types to choose from, wood, carpet lino (vinyl) etc. I decided on lino as its easy to clean and is tough. The lino below is used in homes, offices and public buildings, it has a long life and should last the lifetime of this vehicle. Its also cushioned, this means you could walk on it with high heel shoes as most indentations will spring back out. The area covered isn’t vast so its worth spending a little extra to get good quality. I paid around £150 ($185) and could have easily bought some for £60, however, I think it was worth the extra I paid.

Milescraft Tool (Kreg Tool): This is a great way of joining two pieces of wood together, rather than explain in text I will let the images below show you how this works.

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