6152 Case Project (completed and available 2017)

Progress Stages
December 9th 2017: All Cases and Parts Now completed
September 14th 2017: New Non-Crown 6152 Case due October 2017
September 13th 2017: Price due 18th September 2017
September 13th 2017: First batch scheduled to start production Sept 2017
September 10th 2017: Prototype Modifications to the lug thickness
Aug 14th 2017: First Prototype Made
June 16th 2017: Internal Case CAD Completed
April 9th 2017: 3D Case print made (stage 2). (satisfactory case shape)
April 2017: Calculating Internal Dimensions, CAD under construction
March 2017:  First 3D Case Print made Lug shape and size adjusted
March 2017:  Outer Case designed, 3D CAD produced
July 2016: CAD works starts but not completed (more accurate info required)
Feb 2016: Plans made to restart the 6152 Case

The 6152 New Case Project has been under development for over a year. Most of the time was spent gathering as much factual information as possible. The first batch of Cases are scheduled for summer 2017.

Type of Cases: The 6152 will be available with and without a Crown Guard

Follow this thread for further updates.

Below: early prototype (Feb 2017), the case has since been modified



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