6152 Project

This section has over 80 step-by-step images that show you how to build your own 6152 as shown in the image above.

What do I need? You will need a 6152 Case (available online) and a movement usually a Cortebert 616, Rolex 618, Unitas 6497 or Angelus 240. The most authentic builds contain the Rolex 618 and the Angelus 240 both were uses by Panerai. The watch above uses the Angelus 240 with incabloc.

What tools do I need: You may be surprised to learn but the watch above was shaped and finished using only files and wet and dry paper. You do NOT need any polishing machinery. You can use a polisher of course but you can also get a very good finish using very fine wet and dry paper (personally I prefer the paper).

Where to buy the movement: The Angelus 240 can be found on EBay but if you haven’t built a project before and want something a little easier to try then the Unitas 6497 is a very good movement. You can use Swiss or Chinese (the Chinese version is very good dont be put off by the Chinese tag).