3646 Project

This section will show you step-by-step instructions and images on how to build your own 3646 as shown in the image above.

What do I need?  You will need a 3646 Case (available online) and a movement usually a Cortebert 616, Rolex 618 or Unitas 6497. The authentic watch used the Rolex 618 movement which were manufactured by Cortebert Switzerland and marked “Rolex” under licence. This probably explains why the Cortebert 616 is so very similar. Whilst the Rolex 618 is an expensive movement to buy the Cortebert 616 is still affordable (about a tenth the price of a 618). Both the the Rolex 618 and Cortebert 616 movements can be found in pocket watches. Look for “pocket watches” online.

What tools do I need?  You may be surprised to learn that the watch above was shaped and finished using only files and wet and dry paper. You do NOT need any polishing machinery. You can use a polisher of course but you can also get a very good finish using very fine wet and dry paper (personally I prefer the paper).

Where to buy the movement: The Cortebert 616 can be found on EBay as well as the occasional Rolex 618 (but more rare and expensive). The Unitas 6497 is a very good alternative and much more affordable. You can use Swiss or Chinese (the Chinese version is very good dont be put off by the Chinese tag).