Owners Gallery

This section contains watches built by owners around the world. Please note as owner of this site I cannot verify the authenticity of the builds. Some builds do contain one or more authentic parts.

To view individual watches/projects please see drop down box, theres a separate one for each build that contains the following

  • Parts: The type of parts used (supplier)
  • Movement: Type of movement
  • Location: owners last known location
  • Authentic Parts: whether the build contains none, one or more authentic parts

Authentic Parts, what is meant by this term? It can mean two things, firstly A) it can mean that the movement is authentic ie made by the manufacturer for example a Rolex 618 or Angelus 240 (but not necessarily used in a genuine vintage panerai watch) and B) that one or more of the parts on the build originated from a genuine Panerai watch or watch parts. Often these additions are very small like a genuine Rolex Tropic Plexi has been fitted. Its still genuine but little else is.

Owners: Often owners wont say what is genuine and what is not. The reason is that the watch has not been built with the intention of deceiving anyone, its built for the owner and to be kept by the owner. One owner has a genuine vintage Panerai and because of its high value had a replica of it made that he can wear daily.

Be careful about buying anything thats said to be genuine Vintage Panerai. Stories have circulated for years that some ex-Panerai employee from the 1960’s left the company and took with him some parts like a box full of dials. Or that a few authentic parts have surfaced, usually from Italy the home of the Panerai. These statements are very likely to be untrue. What is true is that its extremely difficult to find any genuine Vintage Panerai parts anywhere these days.

Watches claiming to have genuine parts may only have for example a genuine plexi, genuine hands or even a genuine leather strap buckle. Very few (if any) have genuine dials, and almost none have genuine cases or watch bodies.