Out of production and not available. This image shows one of the last EGI’s to be built using an 8 day Angelus 240 cal.

Below: The last of the last. The final batch of EGI cases being converted to take the 3 Piece Dial with Angelus 240 cal movement.

Below: One big improvement was to convert to large screw-in type lug bars. The cases were threaded on one side and a set of Stainless Steel Bars were made. The Lug Bar holes in the case were moved back so that the leather strap didn’t rub against the case (a previous design fault).

Below: many problems to solve, the first problem was how to get the thicker Angelus Movement to fit inside the case with a 2mm thick 3 Piece Dial. Quite a few parts had to be specially made.

Below: The first attempt at getting the Movement and Dial to fit

Below: Getting the movement and dial inside the case is easy, getting everything to align, for example the stem through the stem tube with the Case Back in place isn’t as easy as it looks.

Below: It works, everything aligns, there are no rattles and nothing is under pressure or stress.

Below: Shows some epoxy being mixed with lume to form the luminous marker dot you see on the bezel (better shown is the next but one image).

Below: The lume is bright and also note the marker “dot” on the bezel

Below: One EGI was built with a copper dial

Below: How much ageing was up to you. Cases were aged differently, some heavily aged and some aged but with polished areas around the bezel.